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Jon Davies

Ketogenic Diet Reviewed">
Ketogenic Diet Reviewed"> Fitness BlogNutritional Articles

TheKetogenic Diet Reviewed

INTRODUCTION Over the past I have developed some experience with putting my clients on a ketogenic diet. Before I started anyone on the diet, I had some rules I decided on, which I've stuck to and continue to believe in. The first is that it isn't a diet that everyone should jump into willy nilly. It is such a specialized diet that I'd rather use it as a tool for weight loss, or some other health related goal, than see it as a lifestyle or belief change like vegetarianism or veganism. Which brings me to my next rule: ketogenic diets are not necessarily to be used long term, although I'm not saying they can't be used long-term in some cases.…
Jon Davies
April 10, 2017
Truly Driven">
Truly Driven"> Fitness BlogUncategorized

Truly Driven

I would like to take this time to mention someone whose drive, dedication, and mental strength has carried him through to some amazing results in the last 5 months. His identity will remain anonymous but his story is something worth telling. It’s hard enough for the average person to continue training hard every session and stick to his/her diet consistently but with the challenges he has faced and is continuing to face as he stays dedicated toward his health and fitness goals, is truly inspirational. Through injuries (from outside the gym), ever changing and long hours at work, having a new born baby and caring for his dog’s failing health he has sacrificed sleep and well-deserved relaxation time to consistently…
Jon Davies
January 8, 2017
The New Year’s Trend">
The New Year’s Trend"> Fitness Blog

The New Year’s Trend

You know how it goes: you plan out your goals and maybe you buy a gym pass for the New Year because you’re going to get in shape this year! But after a month or so, things slow down and you may get to the gym once a week if you’re lucky. It’s something we see in the fitness industry so often that there are terms like the "January rush". It’s understandable because our lives get so busy and it’s easy to let things get in the way because they are "more important at the time" and "it takes so much effort to go back out after I get home." But I truly believe that going to the gym and…
Jon Davies
December 6, 2016