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“Comfort Doesn’t Encourage Growth”

By Jon Davies
BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer

There are many sayings in the fitness industry that can relate to things in life but this one, I’d say, is one of the most useful. It’s good to relax once in a while and take it easy but I truly believe that if comfort and familiarity are our focus in everyday life, we’re not challenging ourselves enough to grow mentally or physically. There is a reason we see people going to the gym on a regular basis for years and yet they can’t seem to reach their goals or change in any noticeable way. If we get stuck in a routine that is comfortable and doesn’t make us put quality effort in every single time, we aren’t going to reach our goals in life. So I encourage you to put the effort in, change things up, try new things and stay uncomfortable! You will not regret it! Stay excited for the future and take things one step at a time.