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I would like to take this time to mention someone whose drive, dedication, and mental strength has carried him through to some amazing results in the last 5 months. His identity will remain anonymous but his story is something worth telling. It’s hard enough for the average person to continue training hard every session and stick to his/her diet consistently but with the challenges he has faced and is continuing to face as he stays dedicated toward his health and fitness goals, is truly inspirational.

Through injuries (from outside the gym), ever changing and long hours at work, having a new born baby and caring for his dog’s failing health he has sacrificed sleep and well-deserved relaxation time to consistently get to the gym and train with me. Just getting to the gym every session is impressive but the effort he puts into every session and the dedication he shows toward his goals, makes me feel truly proud to be his personal trainer. In just 5 months he has lost just under 50lbs of fat while not only keeping his strength and muscle mass, but increased the size of his arms noticeably and in some cases doubling in strength and endurance.

I’m someone who is always proud of each individual client and their achievements along the way. It’s always rewarding to see any kind of improvement and milestone people pass on their fitness journey and to get a client that can give his trainer this amount of dedication is inspiring and humbling. As a trainer I feel honored to have had the opportunity to train him this far and I look forward to the future both training him and as he eventually continues without me.